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Updated On: Jul 20, 2018

On June 28, 2018 the Supreme Court overturned more than four decades of precedent by making fair share fees for public sector workers unconstitutional in the Janus v. AFSCME case. This case forces the entire public sector in Washington and across America into Right to Work (For Less!).


When we stand together, as members of Teamsters Local 231, we have power. That power allows for us to bargain a good contract that includes pay increases, health care and retirement security. It gives us a seat at the table to negotiate for things that improve our job and allow us to better serve our communities. If the corporate billionaires succeed in tearing apart our union, we know what will happen next. The politicians will roll over us. We’ll see pay cuts. Our jobs will be outsourced. Forget about any kind of retirement or affordable health care. That’s why it’s more important than ever for us to keep our union strong. When we’re strong in our union, we can withstand the attack. We can look out for each other. We can create a better future for our families.


No court decision or politician can stop us from standing together as members of Teamsters Local 231 to get a better deal for our hard work. It’s our freedom and they can’t take that away. Groups funded by billionaire corporate CEOs are attacking our union. They want us to be weaker. They’re counting on anti-union politicians and judges to make their job easier. We can’t let them succeed. Now is the time to be loud and proud about being a member of our union. Let’s stand together and show the corporate CEOs that we’re united. We’re sticking with Teamsters Local 231 no matter how many dirty tricks the CEOs and politicians have up their sleeve. Let’s show them we’re STRONGER TOGETHER!


What you can do to keep Teamsters Local 231 strong!


Take a moment to post support for our union on social media using the #UnionStrong hashtag.


Tell everyone how being in a union and getting a good Teamster contract changed your life!


Remember, we’re stronger together. Let’s stay #UnionStrong!


Contact your Business Representative to get pictures of you and your co-workers showing solidarity up on the website



In Solidarity!

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